Combined Reflexology

Fischmann Method

in Cerdanya

Treat yourself to a moment of intense relaxation

Promote balance, comfort of life and balance

I practice Fischmann combined reflexology, a natural and innovative method of reflex stimulations. The combination of manual, instrumental and thermal techniques provides deep relaxation and promotes your overall well-being.

In our body, everything is linked. Emotional imbalances can lead to physical disorders and vice versa. Together, we assess your needs and your expectations to support your body in its natural self-regulation process.

As a Well-being professional, I am at your disposal, to set up personalized follow-up, or schedule a treatment plan according to your personnal needs.

I come to your place to support your health improvement process. The combined stimulation of plantar, palmar, facial or ear reflex zones helps you soothe your pain.

During the session, you enjoy a moment of relaxation and the stimulations promote your well-being, your overall balance and improve your daily health.

Contact me

  • Area1: Saillagouse, Llo, Err, Estavar, Sainte-Léocadie.


  • Area 2 *: Nahuja, Osséja, Palau de Cerdagne, Bourg-Madame, Caldégas.


    * : Additionnal fees 5 €

Session at your place

From 9AM to 7:30 PM (last appt. at 6PM).