Réflexologie plantaire méthode Fischmann
Réflexologie plantaire méthode Fischmann

The personalized care

(1h session)

Whether you are looking for a moment of intense relaxation with work focused on particular considerations or whether you wish to complete your medical or paramedical follow-up (physiotherapy, osteopathy, dietetics, addiction, psychology, etc.), we take stock of your situation and Let’s set goals for the session.

I then develop a personalized treatment protocol. To do this, I select the reflex zones and points as well as the manual and instrumental stimulation techniques specific to the objectives defined together.

I work on the nerve receptors located on your feet, your hands, your face or your ears (microsystems).

I combine 2 microsystems for a gentle, sensory and soothing approach throughout the session.

At the end of the session, we take stock of your feelings. I teach you self-stimulation gestures to prolong the effects over a few days and we decide together on a possible reflexology follow-up to sustain your well-being and your health on a daily basis.